4 March 2024
We are changing for you.

We are changing for you!

The dynamic environment, evolving business, and new technologies bring changes and new opportunities - also for us. Our company draws on the change. We keep abreast of the times by investing in research, development, and valuable partners in the Polish and foreign markets.

This focus on development and hard work brought us to where we are today. We have become the leading supplier of machinery for the food industry in Poland and one of the world's most appreciated and well-known food processing brands. Today, we cooperate with more than 70 partners from different parts of the world, and our machines support food production in over 100 countries. This growing international position and extension of our service portfolio have made us feel the need for change more strongly than ever. That is why we decided to launch a new company name.

Our clients and partners know well that we focus on service improvements in our daily work. Now it's time to improve the company name too - which we consider a natural progression. We want it to be consistent with the company's values and purpose. Therefore, the new name, NOMA, is short for "Nowicki and machinery". NOMA combines two elements that are the pillars of our business. These are the innovative machines for the food processing industry and the Nowicki family, which has been committed to the stability and efficiency of providing safe, high-quality solutions for food production for more than 50 years. We believe the new name will support us in achieving further goals and even better results. All for you, our valuable partners.