Technical Service

NOMA Nowicki Machinery service centre (technical department and spare parts department) provides professional customer service and rapid assistance whenever needed. Our specialists guarantee expert, comprehensive technical assistance, professional advice, machine start- ups, provision of technical documentation and supply of top grade spare parts. Our reputation and the trust we enjoy from customers are the result of rapid response times and punctual turn-around of orders. Customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations head on are just some of our objectives.

  • Service Centre with expert technical staff
  • Technical and technological consultancy
  • individual approach to every customer
  • comprehensive training programme for users
  • sensitivity to quickly changing markets in given parts of the world
  • Fast service and delivery of spare parts
Contact telephone number: Faults, service information (Poland):

+48 885 850 652

Faults, service information, technical support (World):
KrzysztofMarciniak/ Head Technical Manager
+48 603 096 200
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+48 605 550 531
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Head of department - Domestic Service Dept.:
Spare parts department (international):
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